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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.1 What is a Cable Television Service?
Cable Television Service means distribution of TV programmes through a set of cable.
Q.2 Do I need a licence to establish a Cable TV Network?
Please see details of Cable TV on the licencing page of PEMRA website.
Q.3 How can I apply for Cable TV license?
Whenever PEMRA invites Expressions of Interest (EOI) through advertisement in the newspapers and on PEMRA website:, you may apply.
Q.4 What is the licencing procedure?
Cable TV licences are awarded through open bidding process, if there is more than one application for the advertised city/area.
Q.5 What is the licence fee?
Licence fee is determined on the basis of open and transparent bidding and varies from place to place.
Q.6 Is there any Cable TV licence application processing fee?
Yes, application processing fee is Rs. 5,000/-.
Q.7 Are there any DO’s and DONT’s for Cable TV licensees?
Yes, PEMRA licensees are bound to comply with the Code of Conduct, PEMRA Ordinance, Rules and Regulations, and Licence Terms & Conditions.
Q.8 Who is eligible to apply for Cable TV Licence?
A company registered with the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 or the Registrar of the Firm, is eligible to apply for Cable TV Licence.
Q.9 How much investment is required?
It is difficult to give an exact figure as it depends on the quality of the Cable TV station and the current market prices. PEMRA as a policy promotes quality products.
Q.10 Does PEMRA have any regulations regarding monthly subscription fee to be charged from Cable TV subscribers?
Yes, Authority approves and regulates the tariff schedule, which is specified in the Terms & Conditions of the License (clause 9). The currently applicable monthly subscription fee for analogue set up is Rs.400/- and for Digital set up is Rs. 550/-.
Q.11 Are there any standards which a Cable TV operator has to implement?
Yes, the Authority has issued “Standards for Cable TV” Regulations 2003. For more information please visit technical standard page of PEMRA website.
Q.12 Whom do I contact in case of complaint?
Firstly, there are Regional General Mangers in all the seven Regions of Pemra, including Islamabad. Secondly, there are Councils of Complaints headed by eminent citizens in all regions including Islamabad. These are two forums where complaints should normally be lodged. However, in case of a serious complaint or a serious technical problem, D.G. (Operations) may be contacted. His contact number is 051-9107145
Q.13 Where do I go for help?
Please contact with the PEMRA Regional Office of your area or Tel. 051-9107135
Q.14 Are there any International Commitments applicable on Cable TV Network?
Yes, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) has set year 2015 for complete transition from analogue systems to digital systems.


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