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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.1 What are Landing Rights?
If a Satellite TV channel is uplinked from abroad and the channel operator wants to distribute the channel in Pakistan, Landing Rights permission shall have to be obtained from PEMRA for its distribution on distribution networks in Pakistan.
Q.2 How to apply for Landing Rights?
The Landing Rights are issued to companies on case to case basis. The application form for Landing Rights Certificate, duly filled in, with requisite documents should be submitted to PEMRA Licencing Wing, Mauve Aear, G-8/1, Islamabad. The application form is available on PEMRA website.
Q.3 What is the fee?
Please see details of Landing Rights on the licencing page of PEMRA website under head “Tariff”.
Q.4 Is there any application processing fees?
Yes, It is Rs.200,000/-
Q.5 Are there any DO’s and DONT’s for Landing Rights licensees?
Yes, PEMRA licensees are bound to comply with the Code of Conduct, PEMRA Ordinance, Rules and Regulations.
Q.6 Who is eligible to apply for Landing Rights?
Please see details about Landing Rights Permission criteria and eligibility on the licensing page of PEMRA website under head “Guide Line”.
Q.7 What are the categories for Landing Rights?
Please see details about Landing Rights Permission categories on the licensing page of PEMRA website under head “Tariff”.
Q.8 What is the most significant determinant for granting “Landing Rights” permission?
Programming content being telecast via a particular satellite TV channel, should be in conformity with the social, cultural and ethical norms of the country, and the PEMRA Code of Conduct.
Q.9 Does Landing Rights permission confer rights to cover any event live from Pakistan?
No, Landing Rights permission only confer rights, to market and distribute a particular channel in Pakistan through distribution network.
Q.10 Whom do I contact in case of a complaint?
Firstly, there are Regional General Mangers in the provinces and Islamabad. Secondly, there are Councils of Complaints headed by eminent citizens in all provinces including Islamabad. These are two forums where complaints should normally be lodged. However, in case of a complaint of serious technical problem, D.G. (Operations) may be contacted. His contact number is 051-9107130.
Q.11 Where do I go for help?
Please call on +92-51-9107117.


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