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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q.1 What is MMDS?
Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service (MMDS) is also known as Wireless Cable TV. MMDS is a terrestrial service which means that the signal from transmitter travels along the surface of the earth to get to the receiver antenna. Since the signal travels along the earth surface the coverage of the signal is limited to 40-50 km in radius due to earth curvature. This is a point to point service which means that the receiver should be in clear line of sight of the transmitter. MMDS band operates in the microwave frequency band of 2.5 GHz to 2.69 GHz range.
Q.2 How to apply for MMDS Licence?
The application for MMDS Licence should be submitted as and when PEMRA invites applications for MMDS Licences through advertisements in newspapers and on PEMRA website
Q3 What is the licencing procedure and fees?
Licencing procedure and fees are being finalized.
Q.4 What is the range of an MMDS Service?
The range of MMDS station depends on the power of the equipment and antenna height allocated by FAB. The maximum allowable coverage area allowed by PEMRA is 50 kilometers in radius.
Q.5 What is the range of MMDS frequencies?
MMDS frequency range for Pakistan is 2500 – 2690 MHz
Q.6 Who is eligible to apply for MMDS Licence?
A company registered with the Security and Exchange Commission of Pakistan under the Companies Ordinance, 1984 is only eligible to apply for MMDS Licence. For detail of eligibility conditions please visit MMDS licencing page on PEMRA website.
Q.7 Are there any DO’s and DONT’s for MMDS licensees?
Yes, PEMRA licensees are bound to comply with the Code of Conduct and PEMRA Ordinance, Rules and Regulations.
Q.8 How much investment is required?
It is difficult to give an exact figure as it depends on the quality of the MMDS station and the current market prices. PEMRA as a policy promotes quality products.
Q.9 Whom do I contact in case of a complaint?
Firstly, there are Regional General Mangers in the provinces and Islamabad. Secondly, there are Councils of Complaints headed by eminent citizens in all provinces including Islamabad. These are two forums where complaints should normally be lodged. However, in case of a serious complaint or a serious technical problem, D.G. (Operations) may be contacted. His contact number is 051-9107130.
Q.10 Where do I go for help?
Please call on +92-51-9107117


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